About Society for Chinese Neuroscientists (SCN)

We, a group of Chinese neuroscientists, believe it beneficial to form the Society for Chinese Neuroscientists (SCN), a non-profit organization of neuroscientists in academia and industry around the world. The mission of the SCN is to promote the advancement of neuroscience research and seek therapeutic solutions to nervous system diseases. The society will foster research collaborations among its members and colleagues in various branches of neuroscience and related subjects, improve the career opportunities of its members, and provide a platform for the exchange of information at scientific meetings and social events.

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  • You’ll be able to post job opportunities that reach many in academic institutes and industry
  • You’ll get huge discounts for all of our other activities and symposiums (next one in August of 2023).

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  • VIP – $500
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  • Members – $200
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